Even more service with new software

© Diakonie Wolfsburg/Martina Ziegler

“With LogaAll-in we have access to a holistic, fully cross-linked HR-platform with a modern IT-infrastructure for the daily work on approaching tasks in the Human Resources department. This guaranties an automatic record of future developments”, explains Daniela Engelbrecht, Head of the Human Resources Department, about the advantages of the new software.

The new, cloud-based software informs users about the company’s structure in real-time. By doing so it is the starting point for diverse processes in personnel management such as recruiting, personnel development, the application process or accounting. It enables staff members to request, approve and participate in further training.

The software supports the team in the Human Resources department during their daily work by being simple and efficient. This allows the team to have more time for the support of staff members. However, not only the team in the Human Resources department profits from the software. Staff members can also use it for their payroll accounting since they are able to access important documents regarding their tax. If a member of staff lost a bill, they can print the bill themselves instead of ordering a copy of it. Furthermore, planning and approving vacation time can be done via the software. The staff members can always check how many vacation days they still have available.

A platform for the staff members and the managers, the so-called Workspace, is completing the new notice board and offers real and direct communication inside the company: With an app, the staff members have constant access to significant information. Absence rate, travel costs, the change of accounts or the birth of a baby can be captured independently with the staff members’ mobile phones.

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