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Make a career with us!

You are career-minded and want to pursue a management position? Or do you want to expand your knowledge to become an expert in a specialist field?

Then you are knocking on the right door.

You are interested in taking care of people or you are already a graduated nurse? Become part of our team. Our aim is to create a home for people. 

If you choose us, we will support you with the formalities concerning the recognition process for your nursing training acquired abroad.

We look forward to meeting you.

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You are looking for a future-proof, exciting one apprenticeship and want to create the basic for first class career opportunities?

Start your career with us now.



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Are you looking for a future-proof, exciting apprenticeship and want to lay the foundation for first-class career opportunities? Find out more about the new nursing training, contents, admission requirements and the application process.


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Make a career with us.

Are you interested in climbing the career ladder and entering into management? Or do you want to expand your specialist knowledge and become an expert in a certain area?

Then you have come to the right place.

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Diversity is beautiful.

When we talk about diversity, we talk about the people in our company. Being open to all those who turn to us for help, regardless of their origin, culture, religion, skin colour or gender is part of who we are.



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Flexibility and agility are concepts closely connected to the digitalisation of the working world. Smart technologies change the way of team work. Find out more about what digitalisation means for us.



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Are you looking for a new challenge or do you want to realign your career? You are welcome to apply for one of our job vacancies in our different fields of expertise.

We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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Our employees

Practical Instructor

“I especially like that my job enables people who are in need of care to lead a high-quality life.”

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Theory Teacher

"Already as an intern, I gained deep insights into the diverse tasks of the HR Service and Development department. These experiences now help me as a specialist to develop creative solutions for my activities and tasks and at the same time to advance my own career at Diakonisches Werk Wolfsburg e.V."

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In-house Technician

“For three years, the staff at St. Marien took care of my dad. I was satisfied and amazed with the work they did. When they were looking for a new technician, I applied instantly for the job.”

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Theory Teacher

“I decided to work for the Diakonie deliberately – a decision I would happily make again, because, at the Diakonie, humanitarianism is the centre of every venture.”

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Nurse and Head of Labor Union

"It motivates me to support and coach all employees in a solution-oriented and individual manner so that we can make sustainable decisions as a team."

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