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Mirko Bratze is employed as a staff member in the personnel service and development department since finishing his degree in January 2018.

Already during his internship, he was asked by Daniela Engelbrecht – head of personnel service and development – if he could imagine to continue working for the Diakonie Wolfsburg. Even before finishing his dissertation he was offered the position of team leader for the accountancy department due to his convincing qualities such as commitment, competence and humour. Mirko Bratze is an enrichment for the team. Colleagues, clients, employees and the executives value the cooperative work.

If you are interested in Mirko Bratze’s opinion about the topic “Career and Benefits” continue reading this page.

You need a culture who is encouraging you to do your best by harmonizing your interests with the needs of the organisation.

Your superiors embody the goals and norms of the organisation and enrich the social structure of the company by a strategic component. They interpret the experiences in the past as well as the current situation and give them meaning and purpose.


“My boss helps me to put the experiences of my daily work into context in order for me to make sensible decisions instead of just putting Top-Down-Decisions into practice.”

Is it important for you that your strengths are understood and specifically developed? You want to personally contribute to the company and surmount your own boundaries?  You identify yourself with society’s future questions in a social context? You stand up for communication on eye’s level and with transparent and shared responsibility? Then use your talent and take on social responsibility.

You can expect a style of leadership with the goal to treat people with dignity and trust. You will live in a culture that actively participates in the change through an open mind, curiosity and flexibility and you will actively face challenges.

Through your expertise and your social skills, we will be able to conquer new challenges in a new world of work.


“Since I communicate with my boss on eye’s level, I’m confident that we will make decisions of great importance together. She knows my strengths and helps me to develop them further.”

Your work in change processes are continuously accompanied through dialogs and tools on all levels. You plan short-term successes independently through your principle of actively shaping the change as best as you can. You experience the important milestones of the change processes together with your colleagues and the company’s executives.

You can be an active part of the implementation of our new vision through project work and anchoring of new processes.


“We urgently need to face new technical opportunities and adapt our equipment as well as our procedures. New possibilities for the employees and the executives to work and communicate digitally are produced by my management of the project – the installation of a new HR-Software. Processes can be revised and invented. I think that the team in personnel service and development are leading the way for other departments – we certainly try to do."

To agree on a direction – You form a team together with your colleagues of different professions to overcome boundaries and to explore new opportunities.

Multiprofessional teams form the basis for the optimal and professional support of our clients. As an important member in a multiprofessional team you can profit from the different professional skills and surpass yourself.

In a cooperative workspace you can live a motivational and open feedback-culture. The way we work with each other is part of our culture of trust.


“I experience teamwork as a cooperation in all departments. The joint work runs smoothly because we have the chance to be in a constant exchange and support one another by having short distances and open doors between each other.”

The Journey is the reward – that applies for your individual development opportunities as well.

You know your potential and would like to develop yourself personally and professionally? We offer you various possibilities to develop yourself continuously. You will be accompanied and actively supported during the acquisition of larger or interdisciplinary tasks.

You can choose out of a range of different development measures through a conversation with your supervisor:

  • From internship all the way to management qualification
  • specialist training program (specialist career path)
  • specific training programs for high-potential employees and executives (Executive career path)
  • language courses up to the level B2 in the German language (integration course)
  • Development units – Preparation for the highest management level


“Personnel development is capitalized in our company. Everyone here gets the chance to shape and develop their own career and its potentials.”

Your Career runs smoothly with us! We help you to find your own career path for the future.

You are interested in different career paths? Besides the classic executive career path, you can alternatively operate as an expert through specialised further training.

Regular tutoring as well as employee- and development meetings give you the chance to talk about your individual potential and the necessary competence to develop those.


“Already during my compulsory internship I got the attractive offer to take on the leadership of the accountancy team. It provides me with a great, long-term perspective and career opportunities. I am not only supported but gradually introduced to approaching executive tasks through tight teamwork with my superiors.”

You value self-organisationally teamwork across all fields and departments to solve complex questions? You decide how to organize your teamwork. Technical prevailing conditions offer you the possibility to integrate yourself in a short amount of time. Work actively across all fields with a communicative system and use your position for excellent cooperations – even beyond the boundaries of the company.


“In my position I can independently work on, organise and push forward important projects. Our networking is great across the whole company. We can talk through short official channels and get new projects on the way.”

You can complete a training as a registered nurse with us. Applicants who already completed a training or degree in the health system of their home country can apply for a recognition of their certificate.

You can find further information on our career page under the heading - International Applicants.


“Particularly the range of responsibility and the amazing teamwork with our foreign qualified employees and trainees should be emphasized. We are always available as a contact person – From the first contact via Skype to the welcome days on-site and far beyond that. We accompany and support you during your administration process and visits to the government offices. We take in every individual concern of our employees and accompany new colleagues to give them a start as best as possible.”

Working World – Nursing in transition

Through newly gained knowledge the classic job outline of nursing is changing in our geriatric nursing homes:

Are you questioning previous structures and wishing for new development- opportunities?

Innovative technologies are changing the communication as well as the daily nursing routines of the employees in the nursing facilities. The workplace of the future is more than the integration of new digital technologies:

Would you like to co-design the preconditions for a digital workplace and through that a future oriented and efficient Working World?
Have you realised that the work of a nurse can be immensely supported by the use of technology?

Are you interested to work with digital technologies?

The department of communication technology is of high value for us. The digital exchange of data means a great relief for the nursing staff.

The telemedicine which we offer in cooperation with residential doctors in Wolfsburg and Brome enables medical examinations and agreements with doctors at a short notice. Therapies can be adapted fast and patient-oriented. The Communication between doctor and patient occurs via tablet.

Great potential lies in the networking of the service provider. The change in nursing is actively made through interdisciplinary cooperation and the opportunity of the direct exchange of patient data. Through the digital transformation the work routines are redesigned, the physical strain of the employees goes down – a design task for humans by humans.

Insights into our Working World 2020 are available in our photo gallery at the bottom.

Ralf-Werner Günther, Director: “It is important to contribute to and demonstrate the potential for a future oriented nursing world with modern technologies. The employees are supported in their nursing routines through digital application. We actively participate in the development of smart nursing.”

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