People from all over the world united in one profession

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With us you have the opportunity to work with people all around the world in the field of care and nursing.

You can start an apprenticeship to become a qualified nursing employee. Applicants who successfully completed an apprenticeship or degree in the health system can apply for a recognition of it.


Your Application
In order to ascertain ascertain if you can do your apprenticeship in our company we need the following documents in German:

  • A complete curriculum vitae
  • A school leaving certificate (ten years of school in total)
  • A current language certificate

The Interview
We have the opportunity to get to know each other via skype. In the interview, we would like you to tell us why you want to complete an apprenticeship in the field of nursing. You also have a chance to ask us any questions. During spring – before the start of the apprenticeship – you will have a second interview with one of our instructors. Together, we will talk about the apprenticeship in detail and plan your next steps.

Our Support
Shortly after our second interview, we will tell you if you have been accepted. If this is the case we will immediately send you the necessary contracts. Those are needed for your visa application at the German embassy. If you need help with the formalities or authorities in Germany or abroad we are happy to help you.

Welcome to Wolfsburg
We will welcome you in Wolfsburg roughly a month before your apprenticeship starts. A rented room as well as help with the authorities (insurance companies, bank, residents’ registration office, etc.) will be available for you if needed. Furthermore, we offer an intensive language course.

Nice to meet you – Every qualified employee is welcome
"I completed my studies (Bachelor of Nurse) abroad. I found out about the Diakonie through a friend. I was able to simply apply and send my documents in support of my application via e-mail. I got my invitation for a skype interview very quickly."

First contact via Skype – We get to know each other
"I was very nervous before my Skype interview, but that was unfounded. The member of staff was very kind and they gave me lots of information about the recognition process for my apprenticeship. My lack of German language skills was not a problem: If I did not understand something, we would simply continue in English."

Learning German – Contact the Embassy
"The results of the interview: I needed to improve my German and contact the German embassy. The embassy decides which language level you need in order to be granted entry into Germany. The Diakonie supplied me with the necessary documents (employment contract, tenancy agreement, notification about the language class) in time and getting my visa was not a problem."

My journey begins – Welcome to Wolfsburg
"I gave up everything I had in my home country and travelled to Germany. It was reassuring to know that a member of staff would pick me up at Wolfsburg’s train station. She brought me to my room in a communal residence with other employees. Everything was already prepared for me (furniture, bedlinen and towels, etc.)"

Qualified nurse and trainee geriatric nurse

I was the first one to move to Germany. I started my apprenticeship and lived on my own for a year until my family followed me. They sometimes came to visit and talked to Mrs. Kusel. After that year she offered my wife to work for the Diakonie as well and both Romana and Nadja moved to Wolfsburg.

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The support they gave me was massive. The Diakonie supported me with everything. In the first year the Diakonie gave me a side job, because I had to earn a certain amount of money in order for my family to move to Germany as well. They also found a job for my wife. After that the immigration registration office allowed my family to move to Germany and I’m really grateful that the Diakonie made that possible.

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The Diakonie helped me a lot during the validation process. At first I came here as a care assistant while I tried to get the validation. The Diakonie helped me with the documents and gave me an internship in the Emmaus-Heim. My colleagues are all very kind and supported me during this time as well. Since April 2019 I am officially an examined nurse and I would love to have further trainings and gather more knowledge.

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Educator in the recognition process

I got a lot of support from Diakonie. After six month waiting for the validation of my Diplom i finally started my job and a german course which offered the Diakonie .

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